Scoring Influence

Kred Influence is the measure of what others do because of you. Your Influence score increases when someone takes an action because of your content on Twitter or any other network you have connected to your Kred profile.

You receive Influence Points every time people interact with you or your content.

Influence Points are then added together and translated to your Kred Influence Score, which ranges from 1 to 1,000. Higher scores represent greater influence.

Since Kred Influence is normalized, the rate at which Influence Points convert to Kred Influence constantly changes as everyone in the social universe accrues Points.

The 'Points To Score Conversion' curve grows steeper as Kred Influence Score grows. The higher your Kred Influence, the more points it takes to move up.

points to score graph
Global Kred and each community each have their own scales, so there is a person in every community with Kred Influence of 1,000. The conversion rate varies within each community and changes over time as community members accrue more Points and new people join.

Kred is the only social scoring system to show you exactly how your score is calculated. To see an accounting of the actions on Twitter and Facebook that contribute to your Influence score, visit your real-time Activity Statement at

Influence Points from Twitter
We award 10 points for common actions that people take because of you, like replying to you or retweet your content. You receive more Points if the influenced person has more than 10,000 followers.

Influence Points from Facebook
We award Influence Points when somebody takes an action on your Facebook content, including Mentions, Comments, Shares and Likes. To receive Influence Points from Facebook, you must first add your Facebook account to your Kred profile. We then award Influence Points for interactions that take place on your wall. You also receive points for interactions on the walls of others who have registered their Facebook account with Kred.

Add Facebook to your Kred profile and get your friends to register too. Then we can give Influence Points for your interactions on their wall, and you will receive more Kred!


Influence Points from NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and Blockchain Actions
NFTs are unique representations of goods or assets registered as digital tokens on the Blockchain.

Kred has expanded into the Blockchain world with NFT.Kred and are now rewarding on-chain interactions.

Earn 100 points per ETH worth of value in Tokens; 10 points for ERC20 transactions and 20 points for ERC721 transactions. All other NFT actions, such as creating, buying, giving or receiving a token, also count towards your Score.

Influence Scoring Distribution
On November 11, 2011, we generated a report on the scores of people who have Kred Influence greater than 200. We then divided everyone into bands bounded by Influence scores of 50 [(201-250, 251-300... 951-1,000)] to build a distribution chart.

About 42% of accounts in the analyzed group have Kred Influence scores between 201 and 450, 37% between 451 and 600, and the top 21% of @names have scores about 600. Less than 0.1% of accounts studied have Kred over 800.

Distribution of Global Kred Influence Scores