Scoring Zoom

Zoom webinars are scored in two ways:

Public Zoom webinars are added to the Kred scoring engine when they are seen on social media. Social media posts that link to the webinar earn influence points for the webinar, as do any likes, comments, and reposts of those posts.

Additionally, when the owner of the Zoom webinar registers with Kred, the webinar is added to the socring engine. In addition to the social media influence as above, the the activity within the webinar - the number of participants, the Kred scores for any registered speakers and the message activity relating to the webinar also score influence and outreach points for the webinar. The activity remains private and only the score is provided via the Kred Score API.

The webinar's scores are also aggregated to the Kred score of the account owner.

Note: Each Zoom webinar is assigned a unique hash, since many different links can resolve to the same webinar. Each social post linking to the webinar is scored individually, and the scores are aggregated based on the unique hash. A list is also provided of all the links that were seen pointing to that webinar.