Scoring Outreach

Kred Outreach is the measure of your generosity. Outreach increases when you retweet, @reply, or follow a new person.

As you accumulate Outreach Points, you move to a higher Outreach Level. Since Outreach Points are a reward for being active and benevolent, your Outreach Level will never go down.

Outreach Points accumulate to increase your Outreach Level. Each successive Outreach Level is progressively more difficult to achieve. When you have 100 Outreach Points, you reach Level 1; Level 2 is 270 points (170 incremental Points after Level 1); and so on.

Outreach Points to Outreach Level Conversion
Kred is the only social scoring system to demonstrate exactly how scores are calculated. To see the actions you have taken on Twitter and Facebook that contribute to your Outreach score, visit your real-time Activity Statement at

Outreach Points from Twitter
We award 10 points for common actions you can do for someone else, like replying to them, mentioning them or retweeting their content.

example, outreach
Outreach Points from Facebook
Kred awards Outreach Points when you act on someone else’s Facebook content, including mentioning the person, commenting on their post, and liking their post or comment.

To receive Outreach Points from Facebook, you must first add your Facebook account to your Kred profile. We then award Outreach Points for interactions that take place on your wall. You will also receive points for interactions on the walls of others who register their Facebook account with Kred.

Add Facebook to your Kred profile and get your friends to register too. Then we can give Outreach Points for your Facebook interactions on their wall, and you will receive more Kred!

example, fb outreach